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Standard Meeting Time 4th Saturday of the month
6:00pm - 10:00pm
Standard Meeting Location rotating among members' homes
Email List fro-1frog (Google Group)

Because of capacity constraints at members' homes and the typical number of attendees, 1FROG is not currently accepting new members.

1FROG is for relatively advanced Objectivists, who thoroughly understand and agree with the tenets of Objectivism. Most of us have been reading and studying Miss Rand's ideas for over ten years -- some of us for over 50 years.

We usually read and discuss books by an Objectivist scholar or other writer of interest to the group. At some meetings, we instead have a presentation on a topic of interest, either by one of our members or by an invited speaker. The bulk of each meeting is spent on such topics, with the goal of bettering our understanding of Objectivism and its applications in our individual lives and in the culture as a whole.

At each meeting we also make time for attendees to mention items of general interest, from books or movies, to current events and the like. Occasionally, political issues are brought up, but we are emphatically not big on politics. Every meeting also includes time for socializing -- to snack and visit and enjoy friendly conversations. As Objectivists, most of us hold strong opinions, and occasionally we disagree about things, but a spirit of benevolence and camaraderie prevails at all times.

Our meetings are held in individual members' homes, so new members must be approved by unanimous consent, typically after attending a few meetings by special invitation. If this sounds like a potential fit for you, email the group leader with a bit about your background, your interests, and your knowledge of Objectivism.

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