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Google Groups

FRO Email Lists

All of Front Range Objectivism's mailing lists are hosted on Google Groups. That platform offers all the traditional functionality of a mailing list, plus a web interface. Use the links below to subscribe to FRO's mailing lists or to modify your existing subscriptions.

FRO Announcements is open to everyone and is for announcements of major FRO news and events, including talks.

FROLIC is also open to everyone and is for announcement of social events.

These FRO lists are limited to members of each study group. They require an invitation to join.

You can see all the FRO lists to which you are subscribed here, provided that you are logged in and subscribed via your Google Account.

How to Subscribe to a FRO List

Click on the link to the list to which you wish to subscribe. (You may need to sign in to your Google Account. If you do not have a Google Account, you must create one first.) Then click on the "Ask to join this group" button.

Choose how you wish to receive list email and type in your real name. If you have multiple email addresses associated with your Google Account, you can select which email address to use for the FRO list. Then submit the form.

You should be subscribed.

How to Create a Google Account

Go to Google's New Account Form. Follow the instructions to create an account. If you like, you can associate a non-Gmail email address with your Google Account, then use that address to subscribe to FRO lists. Once you've created an account, follow the instructions above to subscribe to the FRO lists of your choice.

How to Send Email to a FRO List

After you are subscribed to a FRO list, you can send email to it using the address listed on the main page of the Google Group. (Only the managers of FRO Announcements and FROLIC have permission to post to those lists.)

Please note that you must send email from the address that is subscribed to the list. Also, in replying to messages from FRO lists, "reply all" will send your reply to the whole group, whereas just "reply" will send it privately to the person to whom you are replying.

How to Unsubscribe from a FRO List

Click on the link to the list from which you wish to unsubscribe. (You may need to sign in to your Google Account.) Click on "My membership settings" in the side panel then the "Leave group" button next to the group's name.


A public calendar of all FRO events is posted on the Calendar page. These events are for public informational purposes to give an indication of FRO activities; they do not include location information.

Events for groups that you're part of will show up on your personal calendar that's associated with the Google Account you've connected to your FRO Google Group(s), and these will include location information.

Because these events on personal calendars are connected to the "central" FRO Calendar events, all updates and changes to events will automatically propagate. (See below if you don't use Google Calendar or use a different email address for calendaring than what you use for your FRO Google Group(s).)

Does this replace the reminder emails that group leaders send out?

Not necessarily. Group leaders are free to manage the email volume going out to the group as they see fit. If a group leader is satisfied that the calendar-related emails stand as sufficient reminders and have enough detail, he or she may choose to forego the additional overhead of sending more reminders.

What if I'm not using Google Calendar for my calendar?

It is difficult to provide generalized, useful guidance for the diversity of possible calendaring solutions out there. But ideally, whatever you're using is able to pick up event invitations from the email account you have associated with your FRO Google Group(s) and put that on your personal calendar.

What if I use a different email address for calendaring than the one I have associated with my FRO Google Group(s)?

Every event allows attendees to invite other attendees. In Google Calendar on a computer, you need only open the event and add your preferred calendaring email address under the "Guests" section (in the "Add guests" field). The principle is the same in the Google Calendar app for Android and iOS.

Please do not add attendees to events who are not FRO members without first getting the approval of the group leader.

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