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FROLIC ("FRO Laughter, Ideas, Chow") is our social group. , the FROLIC leader, organizes lively outings and social gatherings for active and potential members. All friendly people with a serious interest in or honest curiosity about Ayn Rand's philosophy are welcome, regardless of their level of knowledge.

To get email notifications of upcoming events, join the FROLIC Email List.

There is also a FROLIC Meetup group that you can join to be apprised of upcoming events.

Standards of Conduct

Every person at FRO events is expected to be respectful and considerate of others. Every person must pay his/her own way when payment is due. If an RSVP is required, please be sure to provide it in the requisite time. (You need only RSVP if you plan to attend.) At the FRO dinners, each person must pay for his own food and drinks, plus tax and at least 15% tip. Please do not request a separate check, and please bring cash for your meal. In general, serving large groups is difficult, so we must make an extra effort to make ourselves welcome in the restaurants frequented by FRO. People who fail to adhere to these basic standards of conduct will be removed from the group.

FROLIC: Social Events | Front Range Objectivism